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CCTV has become an essential part of modern business. CCTV is not only about keeping out intruders, but with internal and external systems, that can record day and night, good weather or bad, is an excellent tool to protect your entire business and the people that run it.

CCTV never rests or becomes fatigued and correctly monitored can spot potential problems before they become a major issues, And incorporated with Intruder alarms and access control, help make keep your business secure. Here at Safewire we can provide all these solutions..

In many instances the presence of a CCTV system can reduce insurance costs and if the worst does happen can provide evidence in an attack on your personnel or property.

Modern era new technology have vastly improved security systems, with the introduction of digital tech, no longer do you need to change and store VCR tapes, we now record to hard drives with amazing storage capacities, and can also provide instant play back, live viewing whilst recording, easily editable images allowing E-Mail of footage or video clips as well as the ability to burn to CD or DVD,

Remote connectivity is anther major advantage to the modern CCTV security system, you can record on site, at a secure monitoring station but which ever you can monitor your system from anywhere with internet capabilities,

What ever your needs from a one camera observation system to a complete CCTV security solution or even a IP system which uses your existing network as a base saving on cable installation and the purchase of PC equipment, Safe wire can design, supply, install and maintain your CCTV systems

Domestic solutions


Most intruders are opportunist preying up on vulnerable properties. More and more people are now coming to see the advantages of adding CCTV along with intruder alarms and access control to there homes for complete piece of mind both when at home or away, 

CCTV Can be viewed can be viewed through a secure connection via the internet and there are many different types of cameras available to suit the environment including wireless IP cameras, the system can also be adapted to be viewed through your TV, see who is at the door before you open it. Anyone attempt to intrude on your property, the recorded images can be great evidence.

Intruder Alarms Just the presence of a Alarm System is a wonderful deterrent to a would be burglars, add a personnel attack trigger by each access point for complete for complete piece of mind. With many different designs including wire less it is not always necessary to have long and messy installs.

Access control drastically reduces the risk of vehicle or any other valuable on your property with touch button access your gates or bollards move aside to let you in then securely close behind you for maximum security, and video and audio intercoms, this is the final piece of your security puzzle, it also looks great and adds value to your property.

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